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What can you mod in XWA

in the 3D engine:

  • 3D Objects (Ships, stationary objects, objects in space)
  • Ship info (General info, statistics, weapon configuration, etc.)
  • 2D elements (Cross-hairs, effect sprites, explosions etc.)
  • Scene Backdrops (Planets, Nebulae, etc.)
  • Missions
  • Sound effects

In the 2D frontend

  • Background imagery
  • 2D objects (Cursors, Icons, trophies, etc)
  • In-game mails
  • Campaign structure

Getting started

Before you do anything, make sure your game is patched to version 2.02. For digital editions (Steam, GoG) that should not be an issue as the Framework will keep them up-to-date automatically.

As for the classic CD version (you remember CDs?) you'll need to install the patch manually. [add link here]

Next, you'll want to install one of the two main Craft Packs to include all the upgraded base game models as well as the various hooks.

Once that is done, you're pretty much good to go for both playing and modding the game.


If you're interested in modding the game, you'll want to get some tools, depending on what you want to do. All tools and programs can be downloaded from Darksaber's X-Wing Station.

Installing models and/or changing statistics

Note: You'll likely need one of these in order to install third-party models that don't come with their own installer.

Creating custom models

  • a modelling program, e.g. Rhino3D, Blender, etc.
  • a painting program, e.g. Fireworks, PhotoShop, Corel Photo Paint, Paint Shop Pro
  • an OPTing program
  • Optional programs for post-production
    • OPT Enhancer
    • XWA OPTer

Mission Editing

FrontEnd editing

  • a painting program, e.g. Fireworks, PhotoShop, Corel Photo Paint, Paint Shop Pro
  • a program for FrontEnd installation