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The ingame E-Mail is part of the campaign/mission system in XWA.

It is controlled by a simple text file email.txt which is located in the XWA\Missions\ directory and lists every single e-mail, its sender and the mission after which it is received.

E-Mai entries are compiled in a series of variables:

1: #                 mission number after which email shows up
                     0 will make the email appear right at the beginning
2: !EMAIL_#_FROM!:   From, # is the email number
3: !EMAIL_#_HEADER!: Header, # is the email number
4: !EMAIL_#_MSGX!:   email message, # is the email number
                     emails can have mutiple lines
                     each line initialized separately with X being the line number
7: *                 Constant

Sample E-Mail:

!EMAIL_0_FROM!Alliance Net
!EMAIL_0_MSG1!Welcome to Alliance.reb, the largest network service in the galaxy.
!EMAIL_0_MSG2!To solve problems, contact: troubleshoot@alliance.reb.
!EMAIL_0_MSG3!To create problems, contact: vader@imperial.emp.
!EMAIL_0_MSG6!Human & Other Resources