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OPT Installation

Once your OPT is complete there's the small matter of getting it in the game, which . This is mainly done using one of two programs:

  • MXvTEd is the easier to use of the two, though it's missing a few tweakables that the other has.
  • BinHexEdit, while slightly more complex than MXvTEd, allows you to make more in-depth modifications and modify aspects such as S-Foil behavior, Engine sound etc.

For an OPT to properly work ingame the following information needs to be installed.

  • Info for craft library (name, manufacturer, description, etc.)
  • Installation parameters (slot, ship type, OPT file, etc.)
  • Performance stats (speed, maneuverability, shield rating, etc.)
  • Weapon settings (weapon type, firing configuration)
  • Cockpit POV

This information is in parts, included in various txt and list files as well as written directly into the XWINGALLIANCE.EXE.