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There are certain things to be done, once you have completed your OPT with either Ace_DXF or OPTech.

Shading correction

A newer program named XWA OPTer or OPTFix may be used to improve the OPTs visual appearance ingame, as it corrects various shading errors, that usually occurr with OPTs ingame. The way to use it is rather simple:

  1. select and load the OPT you wish to fix
  2. You will be prompted the degree threshold, default is 51.xy
  3. Once the threshold is set wait for the program to runn through, it may take a few moments depending on how complex your model is.
  4. A Save-as window will open. Select the directory and enter the desired filename and click save.

Important: If you are still using OPT Enhancer for illumination or transparency, it is important that you run XWA OPTer AFTER running the OPT Enhancer, as it will apparently override or even negate any illumination or transparency effects added to textures.