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General terms and expressions

term description
Battle A set of missions grouped together following a set story (or sub-story.
Campaign A collection of one or more battles.
to OPT defines the process and all measures involved in creating an OPT.
Shipset Same as campaign but with the addition of custom OPTs and UI elements. Scale may reach up to a state of total conversion.
Skirmish Pic A 2D image of an ingame ship used as preview in the Skirmish Simulator.

File Types

File type Description Program(s) to view/edit
.cbm An image file used for Background imagery in the 2D environment. Used e.g. for ingame trophies, icons, rank insignia XWA CBM Editor
.dat A container file that is used for various 2D frontend elements such as crosshairs, skirmish pics, ship icons, backdrops, etc. XWA Dat Customizer, XWA DAT Editor
.dxf AutoCAD 3D model format
.lst List file Any text editor
.opt The central entity file type for objects in the 3D engine. Contains models, textures, hardpoints, hitzones, engine glow effects and transformation information. OPTech, Ace_DXF, XWA OPT Editor, Opt Enhancer
.opz OPT-Project file created and used by OPTech. OPTech
.plt Pilot file, basically a savegame file. XWA Pilot editor
.prj OPT-Project file created and used by Ace_DXF Ace_DXF
.rci SPEC.RCI is a file that contains the main characteristics of the crafts. It is used by the game engine to avoid to have to read the crafts files each time it needs those informations. XwaSpecRciEditor
.shp Info-File created and used by MXvTEd to store the information and stats required to install an OPT into the game. MXvTEd
.imc Music file format XWA IMC Editor
.skm Skirmish file
.snm Video file format used for ingame cutscenes XWA SNM Converter
.sub Subtitles for video files Any text editor
.tie Mission file AlliEd, YOGEME
.xmod A slightly older patch file to install custom content using Defiant's X-Wing Install Sytem (XIS) X-Wing Install System