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Mission Installation

Missions are installed by placing the mission files into the XWA\Missions\ directory and modifying the mission.lst fie

Generaly, the installation can be done right from out of AlliEd, as it will save any custom mission files into the mission directory (specified upon setup) and offers an option to edit the mission.lst file.

Editing the MISSION.LST

Missions are grouped in battles, following a story or sub-story, depending on the overall scale of the campaign.

The mission.lst is set up as follows:

//                                         #separator
!BATTLE_0_HEADER!['titte of the battle'] #1 battle header
// #separator
0 #2 mission number
1B0M1FW.tie #3 mission file
!MISSION_0_DESC!'title of the mission' #4 mission header

1: Battle Header. Initiaized by the command '!BATTLE_#_HEADER!' with # being a sequential number for each battle, followed by the chapter's title in square brackets

2: Mission number - an overall sequencial number of each mission.

3: mission file: 1B#M#XY.tie

1    = constant
B#   = battle number (starts at 0)
M#   = Mission number (starts at 1)
XY   = keyword. Not mandatory, but helps when searching for a mission file
.tie = file extension

4: Mission Header: Initiaized by '!MISSION_#_DESC!' with # being a sequencial number for the mission, must be identical to the missioin number above.