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This Wiki is a collection of knowedge from over 2 decades of XWA modding. Tipps and Tricks on modelling and texturing, How-Tos on programs like OPTech or AlliEd and Good-to-knows in general.

Note: Due to the vast ammounts of knowledge the contents are still a work in progress and will be expanded and updated over time

New Players Guide

If you're new to XWA and modding, you'll want to take a look at the Basics and Terminology sections.

If you just want to play the game with the best possible visuals, you'll best get started by installing one of the two main Craft Packs. This will get you going pretty good and form the basis for everything to come.

Main Sections

General Info OPT Creation Mission Editing Other elements
Basics Modelling


Mission Editing Hooks
Terminology OPTing AlliEd | YOGEME Frontend Editing
Installation OPT Installation Mission Installation FrontEnd Installation
External Guides XWAU Guidelines Hangar Setup Sounds